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Lynda is a sought-after voice for children’s educational apps, ibooks, games and websites. She has worked with top-notch online game developers such as Mobile Education, Abitalk and ABCya.com-that nurture children’s learning, as well as offer specialized apps for kids with learning delays.

Lynda can deliver quality audio with clarity, honesty, warmth, and she has no accent. Many clients complain that their voice talent’s accent was too specific. You will not have that problem with Lynda. She has the ability to mold her accent from a neutral Spanish to numerous dialects, including Mexican and Cuban. Her voice has been described as animated, clear, kind and positive.

She has recorded voice over for apps that reach preschoolers, elementary age and high schoolers. Her voice can also be heard on educational websites such as Denver Public Schools’s CSRColorado.com, ABCya.com, and Abitalk.com. Her passion is to reach children and empower them through literacy and learning.

As a scriptwriter and former production assistant, Lynda doesn’t just deliver quality audio, she also assists clients with copywriting, translating and editing. She has translated scripts from English to Spanish, and written original stories for clients. She wrote and recorded the script for Miniville Media’s Alice in Wonderland ABC.

Lynda is currently signed with Maximum Talent Agency as a voice talent.

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